KCMH Airport Diagram

We have created a template for each of the higher traffic airports in the vZID airspace. They include KCMH, KCRW, KCVG, KDAY, KIND, KLEX and KSDF. You wil find usefull information including the airport diagram, weather, and specific airport procedures.

KCMH Weather

[Source: ADDS]
KCMH 240751Z 10010KT 10SM -RA BKN100 12/09 A3006 RMK AO2 RAB48 SLP180 P0000 T01220089 =
KCMH 240520Z 2406/2506 10012KT P6SM OVC050 FM241000 11010KT 5SM -SHRA OVC040 FM241800 10014KT 5SM -SHRA BR OVC025 FM242200 09007KT 5SM BR OVC015 =

KCMH Operations

Calm wind runway(s) up to 10 kts: Arriving/Departing 28L/R

Typically, Rw 10R/28L for departures to the West and South and Rw 10L/28R for departures to the North and East.

FBOs: Lane Aviation midfield near Tower, Signature South of Twy B.

Advise ATC if you have updated scenery for KCMH as there are significant changes to the runway/taxiways on the South side of the airport. Default scenery does not match the Airport Diagram available through the usual sources.

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